Credit Card Online Payment Attention


1. Please make sure all of your credit card information is correctly;

2. When our page jump to the credit card payment page, please don't refresh again for avoid payment error;

3. All of the information on the credit card payment page, esp. the billing information address is your credit card address, this address will be validated by your credit card, not the place where you want to shipping the goods for you, our company will following the order address shipping the goods for you, not following this address. If the shipping place the same as the billing address, just need to repeat the address again;

4. The credit card information not matching, credit card expired, not yourself card, embezzle other people's card and so on, all of these situation will make the payment failure;

5. Once the payment failure at the first time, our system will locked your card 24 hours for avoid steal other card random charge. So if you fill in wrong credit card info and make the payment failure, please resubmit an order to us and try again after 24 hours later, if you think you fill in right credit card info and our system also showing paid failure, please contact your credit card center to check out this problem, prove you are the cardholder, and then they will give your right credit card information to you;

6. Once our system shows paid failure fo your credit card, the credit card can't be used on our site in 24 hours, so please don't submit an order again immediately, that will also make the payment failure;

7. If you paid failure, please cut the failure picture and send to us by email, customer service, we can help you to analyse your problem and reply you in 12 hours;

Possible reasons for payment declined:
1. Guests did not correctly fill out payment information
2. Issuing bank does not support online shopping
3. Guest card balance is not enough
4. Guests have an adverse payment records which did not pass the filtration system (non-payment, document deception etc.)

Should you want more detains on declined reasons, you can send TR ticket to head office to check the reason.

Fraud code Description
101 Customer's IP country not match selected country
102 Customer's IP country in block list
103 Customer's IP US state missmatch
104 Fraud card holder
105 Fraud card number
106 Customer's browser language in block list
107 Customer's country in block list
108 Fraud email
109 Fraud IP
110 Fraud phone
111 Customer's browser in block list
112 Maximum transactions limit per hour
113 Hour IP limit
114 Multiple attemples with different customer details